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Private labels are often called ‘own label’ or ‘buyer’s own brand.’ You select the wine, you design the label and choose the packaging, we do the rest.

We provide an all-inclusive private label supply service so our clients can satisfy their consumer’s wine needs and maximize their margins.

In 2019 we exported over 6 million bottles of bespoke private label wines to clients across several markets. Most of this wine came from our own vineyards.


In a recent survey of our clients, they commented that it is our consistent quality, high level of support, and attention to detail that keeps them coming back.


We have wine at all quality levels, from premium entry-level South Australia all the way up to single vineyard Barossa Valley. If you ask for a wine style, the chances are we have it in the tank.


Our specialized in-house design team can help design and bring your label to life.


We are experts at producing the highest quality wine packages for our clients from wines off our own vineyards, using industry leading processes and a global supply of dry goods options.

Wine choices include:

Entry Level - Premium - Premium Plus - Regional - Barossa Valley

You can bring your own label design or our in house designers can create the full package based on your requirements.

Red Wine

1. Samples

  • We work do determine your wine and price needs

  • We ship wine samples to you

Wine Toasting

3. Confirm Order

  • You sign a contract that includes volume, pricing and full specifications of your wine.

  • Deposit payment


5. Production

  • Wine quality control and final blending

  • Dry goods production and wine bottling

  • Final payment


2. Design

  • We can help you with label design

  • Confirm full specifications

  • We provide final quote


4. Schedule 

  • Once payment is received, production is locked in

  • We help you work out freight dates

Container Ship

6. Shipping

  • Wine is transfered to freight forwarder

  • We produce all customs clearance documents you'll need 

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