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Brand Vineyard


Our only vineyard that has predominantly white grapes planted, with almost 70% white grapevines. The clay soil and vineyard aspect helps keep these vines relatively cool under the strong summer heat, ensuring gradual flavour development during ripening.


As the white varieties ripen early we tend to also pick the Shiraz from this vineyard a bit earlier, which gives us a strong parcel of delicately flavoured wine to add complexity and vibrance to our blends.

Brand Road Vineyard.JPG
Comley Vineyard.JPG

Comley Vineyard


This is one of our most diverse vineyards, with seven different varieties including Italian alternates. Planted in 2005 the vines are now at their optimum and the quality of the resulting wines is consistently impressive.


The reds from this vineyard tend to develop an interesting spiciness, with cloves and cinnamon characters in Shiraz.



This pretty vineyard is located in between Lake Barmera and a small lagoon which comes of the Murray River, helping keep the area a touch cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


This is one of our smaller vineyards and is purely planted to Shiraz, which enables us to manage it differently to the rest of our vineyard portfolio.


The Shiraz tends to be very dark in colour with a consistent blackberry intensity that we are trying to enhance through managing our vineyard practices.

Gilgen Vineyard.JPG

Barnhouse Vineyard


A very diverse old vine vineyard with a strong history that we have acknowledged with our Barnhouse wines. On this property was an original settler barnhouse which was at one time home to several generations of one family.


Home to 8 varieties and with its sandy loam over clay soil, this vineyard is an important part of our winemaking, offering flavour diversify.

Playford Vineyard 


Our largest vineyard and one that is still growing, with Sauvignon Blanc recently planted which will come into full production in 2024. This is very much a vineyard built for and best suited to Shiraz. Big, ripe, rich and well fruited Shiraz.


The sandy limestone soil has plenty of organic matter and we have worked hard in this vineyard to improve environmental practices, with the vineyard now being converted into organic practices. We hope for certification in time for the 2024 vintage.

12 noon Lagoon.JPG

12 Noon Lagoon Vineyard


Located near Swan Reach, this vineyard enjoys stunning views of the lagoon and Murray River cliffs.


Wines from this vineyard tend to have vibrant and ripe red berry fruit characters along with some white pepper.


The beautiful location and quality of the wines from this vineyard makes it one of our gems, and we have tourism development plans for the surrounding area.



Our Reichstein vineyard is one of our favourite vineyards for the diversity of varieties and styles grown there.  From deeply coloured Shiraz through to lifted Vermentino, the vineyard is an important part of our winemaking. The soil is rich brown loam with a strong clay content which assists water retention and soil cooling.


Reds from this vineyard tend to be some of the most intense and rich, while the whites ripen quickly so are picked earlier to preserve the delicate favours.


Harris Vineyard 


One of our hotter vineyards, it tends to be the first to ripen each year. The sandly loam soil is mixed with small amounts of limestone to provide a very solid building block for our vines. In turn the flavours are full and intense which makes the wines an ideal base for our blends. Dark blackberries and plums, black cherries and dark chocolate characters as well as a textured body are a hallmark from this vineyard.

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