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In 2014 a group of wine-loving tech and logistics investors looked at the Australian wine industry and thought ‘we can do this better.'


From vineyard management to winemaking systems, we saw an opportunity to use technology to bring about improvements to industry practice.

Yes we grow grapes and make wine, but its how and why we do it that sets us apart.


Our brands satisfy key consumer needs or consumption occasions. This enables our market partners to leverage demand pull and trade our brands to specific market niches.

Finally, our wines are made to reward the drinker rather than award the maker. The style and quality entices the next pour.


Success is measured in return drinkers.


Today we own 250 hectares of vineyards across South Australia and contract grapes from other 3 regions. Our vineyards are managed for quality over yield, and we have begun the long process of organic viticulture.

As an experienced exporter, we were awarded ‘2018 Wine Exporter of the Year’ by South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce. In the previous year, we exported 7.5 million bottles of wine.

At Pacific Vintners, we are transforming our vineyards into organic practice and bringing sustainability into our winemaking. At our beautiful 12 Noon Lagoon vineyard on the Murray River, we are regenerating both native plants and animals to return the area to what it was before the European settlement.



Oliver Crawford
Head Winemaker

Oliver’s family entered the wine industry in 1986 by planting a vineyard in Orange, New South Wales.


Oliver’s winemaking philosophy originates from his early days in Orange and strongly believes that fine wine is made in the vineyard, “a winemaker’s role is to simply guide the fruit through the winemaking process and enhance rather than overwhelm the natural characters originating from the vineyard”.

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Trent Reilly
Vineyard Manager

Trent has been involved in the wine industry since 1998 with working experience across 5 regions, including Limestone Coast, Adelaide Hills, and Barossa Valley.


As a proactive member of the industry, he represented grape growers in regional industry committees across 3 regions. All regions have provided unique opportunities to work through various environmental challenges, this commitment in time gradually improves sustainable viticulture and farming practices in general. Trent was an inaugural member of the Barossa Valley sustainable grape growing program in 2018. 

Richard Neagle
Vineyard Manager

Richard's viticultural experience started in the late 1990s, gained across cool and warm climate wine-growing regions.


His understanding of organic horticultural production and certification, along with wine processing systems and logistics management have made him a key part of our growth. 


He enjoys a deep understanding of our vineyards' natural elements, sites, climate, and varieties. His motto is 'keep it simple.'

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Jaysen Collins
Barossa Valley Winemaker

Since 2000 Jaysen has been the owner and winemaker of Massena Wines, one of the Barossa’s most renowned small winemakers.


Passionate about old vine Barossa site selection and extracting purity of flavors from the vines, Jaysen’s wealth of experience ensures our high-end wines are handled with absolute care.

A fanatical eye for detail and love of alternate varieties, Jaysen brings out of the box thinking to everything we do.

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