Nigel Nesci

Nigel grows up on a vineyard in the South Australian wine region 'The Riverland' and from a young age was working in the vineyard. In the late 1990's He moved to Adelaide to study both wine marketing and winemaking at Adelaide University. Upon graduating he began working in a cellar in the McLaren Vale. After the 2005 vintage, he began as a flying winemaker. Nigel spends time flying between the USA, Australia and Europe making wine while learning as much as he could about winemaking techniques and alternate grape varieties.

During the last decade, he settled more in Australia and have worked for some of Australia's largest wine companies as Red winemaker and also sparkling winemaker in both South Australia and Victoria.

Nigel’s theory on winemaking is to make use of winemaking techniques and to use the right fruit to make the wine we want. It's not all about the grapes or the winemaker, but the right combination of the two with fine attention to detail that makes great and memorable wine. 

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