Starting from September 2019 was a period of unusually intense bushfires in many parts of Australia. Bushfires heavily impacted various regions of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory.


By the time the fires had been extinguished there, they destroyed 2,448 homes, as well as 284 facilities and more than 5,000 outbuildings in New South Wales alone. In South Australia a large fire broke out on the Yorke Peninsula on 20 November 2019. It threatened the towns of Yorketown and Edithburgh. It destroyed at least eleven homes and burnt approximately 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres).


At the moment, our staff in Adelaide office spontaneously donated to help the people who lost their homes in the bushfire. As a reasonable organization in Australia, we are so proud of everyone’s help. At the same time, CEO Eric decided that Pacific Vintners will match the donation of our staff. Together, we can make a real and meaningful impact.


According to the news, many local wineries in the Adelaide hills have severely suffered. The disaster’s long-term impact on Australia’s wine business still remains unclear. Pacific Vintners will reach out to our local pees to extend our support and will keep you all appraised on the progress.


As the fire is still ravaging across the country. Eric would like to remind everyone to stay safe and inform the management team if there is anything the company can do for you. “ A full recovery presents to be a long road ahead if us. We will continue to support community in various ways. It gives me great pride to work with you all in a company thay shows concerns to society in difficult times’ by Eric.




We were invited by Tim Adams Wines to participate in the 11th annual Variety Vintage Wine Auction Luncheon. Variety Australia is founded in Sydney in 1975. Variety devotes to help children who need help and follow their dreams. The Variety provides support through grants for children and families for mobility equipment and wheelchairs, communication devices and education aides, medical items and services, and therapy services.


We are very grateful for Tim Adams Wines invitation and very much agree with his attitude towards charity. Tim Adams Winery was established in 1986. The winery is named after winemaker Tim Adams and is jointly run by Tim and his wife Pan. Under the management of Tim and his wife, the winery has grown from a small brewery to a five-star winery that is now famous all over the world. With the continuous growth of the winery, Tim and Pan gradually have the ability to start their charity Career support. We have the same vision as him and hope to provide more support to our community. In the auction, we also provided support for these children, hoping to grow up healthy and happy.


Pacific Vintners officially announced that we will officially start cooperation with Inter Milan Football Club from October 2020. The co-launched new brand “Glory Night”.



The club was founded on 9 March 1908 as Football Club International. Inter have won 30 domestic trophies, including the league 18 times, the Coppa Italia seven and the Supercoppa Italiana five. Inter has never been relegated from the topflight of Italian football in its entire existence. It is the sole club to have competed in Serie A and its predecessors in every season. The Nerazzurri currently has the longest unbroken run in the topflight leagues of any club on the Continent, 106 seasons, and among European clubs, only five British clubs have longer current spells in the topflight.


Pacific Vintners is a renowned Australian wine producer. Our business operation covers the whole wine production process, from vineyard investment and management, bulk wine investment, to export. Every single step, from vineyards to bottled wines, is carefully monitored. With such a high-level quality control system, we ensure that all resources are integrated effectively, and the quality of our wines is of the highest standard.


The cooperation with Inter Milan has significant meaning for Pacific Vintners, we will start a new journey across the field.